Louise Walsh Academy Of Irish Dancing   

  "Dance like theres no one watching"

Class Attire/ Clothing
Children should wear a t-shirt, skirt or shorts and irish dancing pumps.If you do not have irish dancing shoes ballet shoes or plimsoles are also suitable footwear .

No jeans or trousers please as this restricts movement whilst dancing.

To purchase a pair of Irish dancing pumps visit www.feiswear.com - John & Rose Clark

or Stepping out a local dance shop in Hemel Hempstead http://www.step-out.co.uk/index.php/dancewear.html

Costumes for competitions

Dancers competing in the beginner competitions should wear a black a-line skirt and white blouse if they do not have a team costume. Boys should wear black trousers and a white shirt

Solo costumes should only be purchased or made once a dancer has progressed to intermediate grade and above. The best place to purchase a second hand solo costume is local feisanna or on the internet. For new solo costumes designed and made by reputable dressmakers please look in our links page for recommended dressmakers.